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Date Series Message Subject
09.03.2014 Crazy Love Are You Crazy?
09.10.2014 Crazy Love Stop Praying
09.17.2014 Crazy Love "The Movie of Life"
10.01.2014 Crazy Love Chapter 3
10.08.2014 Crazy Love Profile of the Luke Warm
10.15.2014 Crazy Love Enough with the leftovers!
10.22.2014 Crazy Love When you're in Love!
10.29.2014 Crazy Love Why Me? or Why not Me?
11.05.2014 Crazy Love Best of Love
11.12.2014 Crazy Love Profile of the Obsessed
11.19.2014 Crazy Love Who Really Lives That Way?
11.26.2014 Crazy Love Getting To The Crux of the Matter!
12.03.2014 Crazy Love Christmas is ... Crazy Love!
12.10.2014   Rekindling the Flame
01.07.2015   No Handout
01.14.2015 Not a Fan A Decision Or a Commitment
01.21.2015 Not a Fan Anyone - An Open Invitation
01.28.2015   Greetings, Mighty Warriors....
02.04.2015 Not a Fan  Deny a Total Surrender?
02.11.2015 Not a Fan  Following Jesus or Following the Rules?
02.18.2015   Self-empowered or Spirit Filled?
02.25.2015   No Handout
03.04.2015 Not a Fan  The Relationship Defined!
03.11.2015 Not a Fan  Knowledge about God or Intimacy with God..
03.18.2015 Not a Fan  Whenever, what about now?
03.25.2015 Not a Fan  One of many or your one and only?
04.01.2015 Not a Fan  Wherever, what about here?
04.08.2015 Not a Fan  DTR define your relationship with Jesus now!
04.15.2015 Not a Fan  Come, Die, Thrive and Revive
04.22.2015 Not a Fan  Jeff Moss - Testimony

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